favor- “ette” friday: hand-y

favor- "ette" friday: hand-y

February 3rd, 2012

I garden. I bake. I have a toddler. Basically, if my hands could sever themselves from my body, they would. That’s how abused they are. Needless to say, winter and my hands are not besties either. So I’ve spent years looking for the “perfect” hand cream. For me, that means the following: It has to be […]


my “super bowl post”

my "super bowl post"

February 1st, 2012

Well apparently it’s the law that if you write a food blog you have to post a Super Bowl-themed recipe this week. Here’s the thing: I could care less about football. However – I DO make a mean chili, so why not share it with you now? It’s got homemade corn bread and everything! I’ve been […]