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don’t touch

I’ll admit it – this trip was mostly for me.

I love the Brooklyn Museum – I took art lessons there as a kid and visited often while I was in college, but have not been more than a few times since I moved up to Westchester.

I was perusing the web site recently and saw a number of exhibits that looked really interesting, so I decided to take Noah there for a “Thursday”. I wasn’t sure that he’d be all that into it but I felt confident that we’d find one or two things to engage him, so off we went.

First up was a Sanford Biggers retrospective:

Noah wanted to run right up to the piano and tree, which elicited the first of many “don’t touch” commands that the day would bring.

As did this (“Piano broken Mommy – Daddy fix!”).

Fortunately for me he had no interest in getting close to this (Clowns. Are. Scary.).

But strangely, he enjoyed the video installation, sitting through several “loops”.

Next on my list was “Raw/Cooked” – a series of exhibits featuring little-known Brooklyn artists. We were lucky to be there to see the work of Kristof Wickman:

Noah went nuts for these but needless to say this was a major “don’t touch!” zone.

Finally, we saw a “Christo”-like installation by Situ Studio. They wrapped the columns in the Great Hall to create a series of stretched fabric canopies and seating.

Finally – something Noah could touch (and sit on!). I was happy that I got to see all three exhibits and, figuring that I’d quit while I was ahead, decided to break for lunch.

Goldfish are ALWAYS a hit.

After lunch we wandered around the tried-and-true sections of the museum – the ones I’ve always loved:

The Egyptian galleries.

And the Luce Storage Center, filled with tons of cool artifacts. It was still “don’t touch” but at least he was able to get close enough to take a good look.

All in all, not a bad day. We started to make our way out when we came across what became the very best part of our visit:

An installation called “The Moving Garden“, a 45-foot long granite table with 100 fresh flowers sitting in a channel running down its middle.

Noah was delighted – and the best part? Not only could he “touch“, he could actually “take“! Visitors are invited to take a flower on the condition that they then give it to a stranger as a gift.


(Full disclosure: Noah refused to give his flower to a stranger, insisting on bringing it home to his daddy.)


  1. Melanie on December 28, 2011 at 9:17 am

    I love going to museums and art galleries, but I haven’t taken Nathaniel to too many since he’s been walking/running. Maybe that would be a good activity to do this week since his day care is closed for winter break and we’re home with him.

    • sheri silver on December 28, 2011 at 10:08 am

      I know – that “honeymoon” time when they’re happy to stay in the stroller for hours is a fleeting memory now! I’ve learned to dial my expectations wayyyyyyy back and allow the day to unfold for better or worse!! Thanks for writing! 🙂

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