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A 102-foot corkscrew slide.
Hallucinatory strobe lights.
Psychedelic mushrooms.
Something called “Giant Psycho Tank”.

Hey Noah, let’s go!

Remember our lemons-to-flubber day of a few weeks ago? We tried to go to the New Museum down in the Bowery, only to be told that the museum was “under installation”. I was handed a postcard illustrating the show that was being installed and I decided to bring Noah back when it opened.


“Carsten Höller: Experience” is, in many ways, an adult “experience”. But after reading about it and seeing some of the preview pictures I knew that I wanted to see it for myself-  and I had a feeling that there would be some interesting things for Noah to see too. I was actually really excited – as much for myself as for seeing Noah’s reactions.

It did not disappoint.

The “centerpiece” of the show is a 102-foot slide that starts at the fourth floor and twists down, depositing riders on the second floor. Noah was not tall enough to try it (which I was more than a little relieved about), but that didn’t stop him from watching intently as other museum-goers took the plunge:

Noah’s reaction as people came down the tube was priceless:

This was his reaction – every time someone came flying past.

Noah also loved the “Aquarium” – a tank where he could lay down and tuck his head in, to watch the fish swimming around while listening to the sounds of waves:

Nearby was a collection of brightly colored foam animal sculptures – if the lighting seems odd it’s because this was also the location of those flickering strobe lights, and I was trying to take pictures in between the “flashing”:

Noah enjoyed the “Mirror Carousel”:

 – a ride whose slow movement was designed to coincide with the “Singing Canaries Mobile” – with live birds – that was across the way:

Even the elevators were engaging, each with a different video “loop”:



Oh, and the “Psycho Tank”?

This is as close as we got:

Turns out, this was not a sweet water feature for Noah to splash around in, but a “clothing optional” salt-water tank (with actual naked people in it!). Not that Noah has a problem disrobing in public, but this was one of those “adults-only” sensory-deprivation tanks. I hate when that happens.

Undaunted, we made our way back to the lobby where a nice docent offered us “upside-down” goggles to wear while experiencing the rest of the exhibit.

No. Way.

We opted instead for the “Giant Triple Mushrooms”:


and a sweet from the museum cafe instead.

I’ll take a sugar-induced haze over a psychotropic one these days anyway.

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